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Client stories

As Independent Financial Advisers we are free to advise on financial products available from all product providers. We place an emphasis on personal contact and building long-term relationships. Many of our first clients still have the same adviser relationship to this day.

Keeping it Simple

The situation

Are your pensions spread across multiple schemes? Does this make it hard for you to keep on top of performance or know what the total value is? It’s not unusual for people with busy work lives to deprioritise the documentation that providers send and loose track. This was the position our client Karen, a Chief Executive, found herself in.

Over the course of her career Karen had been enrolled in no fewer than 7 different employer schemes and because her role was so demanding she didn’t have the time, nor the inclination, nor the knowledge to properly evaluate what she had built up. Karen wanted expert advice and she wanted control. She wanted somebody to explain what she had and what her options were.

The review

Spending and assets are discussed at every review meeting, and the discussions are often focused on lifestyle objectives. But sometimes the discussions are more immediate and more practical in their nature.

When Financial Planner David Gladstone first came to meet Karen she had a shoe box full of papers and wanted to know what she needed to keep and what could be thrown away. David sat with Karen to review each document, to explain it’s purpose and what her options were.

The resolution

After conducting a thorough review David acted to simplify and enhance Karen’s financial situation, consolidating her pensions and creating an overall plan to help align her financial future with her life goals. For her part Karen was delighted to finally have someone helping her and loves the feeling of control she now has. Karen is as busy as ever but now has one less thing to worry about.