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Client stories

As Independent Financial Advisers we are free to advise on financial products available from all product providers. We place an emphasis on personal contact and building long-term relationships. Many of our first clients still have the same adviser relationship to this day.

Keeping on the straight and narrow

The situation

Do you know how well you’ll be able to stick to the financial plan you have made? What if something happened that turned your life upside down? Sometimes events cause plans to go out of the window, and this was the situation our client Joanne from Luton found herself in, after her husband passed away unexpectedly, leaving her with two young children.

Her late husband had arranged a very generous life insurance policy through Financial Planner Peter Gladstone. He did this so that Joanne would not need to worry. However, she did.

The review

Peter Gladstone used our cashflow planning tool to demonstrate to Joanne that she was could well afford her current lifestyle and was not going to run out of money.

Indeed, Joanne could afford to increase her spending and Peter encouraged her to use some of the surplus to treat her children to some exciting holidays.

The resolution

Reassured with the knowledge that she could afford it, Joanne followed Peter’s advice, took some time out from her job, and set out on a series of wonderful trips with her children. The memories from these times became all the more important as Joanne’s life was turned upside down once again, when her son also passed away unexpectedly in early adulthood.